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World Bible Center

This world still has millions of poor, sick and hurting people. Healing the hurting is our goal, providing opportunity for education is help sustaining.

“Wise men build up on the rock”. Exalting God and exhorting men. Spreading knowledge and rendering acts of kindness from 1985.

With God’s help we have been able to work for the relief and rehabilitation of Gujarat earth quake 2001 victims. Tsunami 2004, India Pak border earthquake, Sikkim earthquake, Chennai flood and the covid-19.

Our Services

Helping The Blind

The disabled need our help. Enable them with proper

Goat Distribution

The many hundreds of widows are thankful for the goats

Helping The Orphans

Disasters and diseases killed many parents and surviving kids face

Bible Center

We are centered in the bible – the living word of God.

Covid Relief Services

God has used us for the relief work during the pandemic

Providing Education

Help with money and materials are spent away in such a short time.

Water well

Out in a village in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, in a hot summer,

Women self help - Tailoring School

Free tailoring training is provided

Bi-cycles to the workers

Many workers walk miles to their work.

Free Medical & Mobile health clinic

Poverty keeps us vulnerable

Helping the lepers

To create a clean atmosphere in leprosy colonies