This world still has millions of poor, sick and hurting people. Healing the hurting is our goal, providing opportunity for education is help sustaining.

“Wise men build up on the rock”. Exalting God and exhorting men. Spreading knowledge and rendering acts of kindness from 1985.

With God’s help we have been able to work for the relief and rehabilitation of Gujarat earth quake 2001, Tsunami 2004, India Pak border earthquake, Sikkim earthquake, Chennai flood and the covid-19.

Helped the disaster victims with handlooms, fishing boats, boat engines and building their houses.

Building habitats to people who lost it in natural disaster.

The mobile clinic goes out into the rural areas to take care of the medical needs of the poor sick.

Water wells to meet the need of potable water to millions of thirsty people.

The hundreds of poor people are thankful for the sewing machines donated on their self-sustain program.